2016 August

A Vacation With Her Besties (from two weeks ago)

     Us ladies, every now and then, need to get away from the crazy. We need to get away from the constant whining, clinging, cleaning, cooking, cleaning again, errand running, chauffeuring, working, etc. Sometimes, we need to be crazy ourselves. We need to detach from our titles and littles in order to reintroduce ourselves to who we used to be, to who we are, to who we are capable of being once again. We can lose ourselves…many times over. It’s hard to juggle all the responsibilities that come with being mothers, wives, managers, caretakers, surgeons, teachers, etc.

     All of a sudden, it’s five years later. You look in the mirror and you look…not so hot. A little tired looking, perhaps? You love Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Target. Who am I? What happened to Sarah? Long gone are the days of Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales, (Which, I’m okay with). I get joy out of a good bargin these days. I also get relief from feeling so overwhelmed, by hanging with my fellow housewives.

      The housewives are a group of ladies, married to a bunch of guys, who have been friends for over 20 years. We are damn lucky to get along as well as we do. It’s not an exclusive group by any means. We have a lot of other girlfriends who are included in our outings and parties. Sometimes we aren’t all invited to the same function, but that doesn’t mean we are cast out of this circle of friendship or value anyone less or more. Being grown women also means we must understand certain situations without getting upset or taking it personal. Sometimes you have to look at not being invited to functions as, “hey, you need a break, please don’t bother yourself with the stress of coming to my party…with your kids…in this heat…when you have an ice box for a house (huge fan of cool air blowing out the vents and into my home).” Many times, we can only get together when its one of our kids birthday parties. Which isn’t relaxing but it helps to know that we all have our eyes and ears tuned into eachothers kids, as if they all belonged to us biologically. So if one wants to go to the bathroom by herself, she knows it’s okay to use the upstairs bathroom and to take a little more time.

    This weekend is the guys annual camping trip. So, needless to say, next weekend will be well deserved, overdue, and appreciated! April (married to Freddy, mother to Annie/Lily/Maya), managed to get a free rental house in Reno, Nevada. SOLD! Whatever it takes, we are so overly kid stimulated, that nothing could stop us from our offspring free (including husbands) trip!

Well, its the next weekend!!!!!!! We have arrived!!!

Day 1 (Thursday)– Before we get to the house, we had to stop off at the local grocery store to pick up the goods that keep us from getting hangry (Regina). Maybe, some wine also. Maybe we picked up something a little more potant than wine. I can neither confirm nor deny.

     We arrive at the house and it is so clean! It’s beautiful and everything is where it said it would be. An array of shelves that are labeled, bedding galore, toiletries, etc. So comforting! We just hang out the first night, eat some grocery store deli food (not good…at all), watch Seven, and call it a night…at 2 am.


Day 2 (Friday)– SUP aka stand up paddle boarding!!! We’ve been wanting to try this water sport for years!! We are actually staying pretty close to a little pond with a marina that offers lessons and rentals. It’s 107 degrees outside (I’m not over exaggerating). We had the water to ourselves! Besides April’s lobster red sunburn, it was a great experiance and a first time for all of us. We are all hooked and are currently thinking of our SUP gang names. Regina almost died from heatstroke. Beer is a cure for heatstroke! We found this out at BJ’s Brewery, where we went to replenish ourselves with a menu full of diet cheat day delights!


Day 3 (Saturday)Spa Day In Reno Spa Day! One hour of sauna/mineral soaks in our private rooms. One hour was way too long! Dying of heat and boredom. All we want when we are home is to be alone, but once we were, we didn’t know what to do with ourselves! Regina almost died… again. I’ll let you guess which pic belongs to her.



That night, we snacked, went on a walk, and had so much fun discovering a new talent. New talent being, partner yoga. I’m a pretty darn stable base and the only one who was wearing pajamas! I have the least amount of balance and the rest of my tribe are avid yogis. We stayed up until 2:30am doing yoga poses! I slept so good that night! We are now hooked on that as well!IMG_2635


This past weekend was so needed and appreciated. We discovered new talents and hobbies that we thoroughly enjoy! I cannot wait until our next excursion!

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