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To Go On Fun Adventures With The X Chromosomes

To Go On Fun Adventures With The X Chromosomes

DSC_0510DSC_0465     Well, This past weekend I had the joy of spending my time with the kiddos, sisters, and the mother in Elk Grove at my sister Amy’s house. I love spending time with my girls! No matter how old we get or how often we get to have down time together, when we are together, it feels like we are kids again in the comfort of our childhood home. Although, the weather wasn’t as we expected (rainy and grey), we found a not so secret garden at a local nursery called Green Acres.

This place is a fantastic arrangement of anything and everything you could ever want to plant in or outside of your home. I, myself, chose two large air plants (that my sisters bought me for Mother’s Day), since I tend to kill everything else. Air plants, I am hoping, will be my road to redemption.DSC_0545

My daughters had so much fun as well, running in, under, and between the plants and baby trees (as they girls were calling them) that were as tall as they are.

I wish we could have brought a picnic lunch (maybe some wine), sat under a gazebo, and enjoyed the scenery and the nice clean humid air. How nice it is when you have the opportunity to disconnect from the crazy stress enhancing electronic devices we are constantly attached to in one form or another. DSC_0523

I completely fell in love with this bed of mint ground covering. It is to die for! To have an actual bug free, bed of mint, replacing yards of grass, I wouldn’t be surprised if people all over would be found passed out sleeping in their yards! Truly dreamy herb-like goodness (Irish Moss is a pretty sweet second place in my book).

Later that day, we retreated to Amy’s (middle sister) house to not only put together the fairy garden goodies Amy and Amanda (baby sister) got for Presley’s birthday gift, but also to shoot photos for This Woman Needs. We all thought it was time for everyone to see who This Woman is (Me/ ThisWoman/Sarah/Babe/Mama):DSC_0995


DSC_0877              Then there’s these two goobers. Amy trying to be a sexy lady and Amanda laughing at Amy’s attempt. Bloopers make the best photos! Truly capturing their personalities help make photos like these near and dear to my heart.

Challenge for this week (should you choose to accept):

  1. Unwind
  2. Relax
  3. Go outside
  4. Be still
  5. Listen, but do not speak
  6. Meditate
  7. Sleep
  8. Read a book
  9. Let the emails and house chores wait
  10. Take pictures with something else other than your phone

and as always…….






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