To Stick To The Damn Budget

To Stick To The Damn Budget

Hi. My name is Sarah Rodrigues and I LOVE new things or as my Husband would say, “You love to spend money!” It doesn’t really matter how or what its spent on. If we have ten of the “same” exact items at home, in your head, it’s a “MUST HAVE NOW!”

     I hate to admit it, but he’s actually right (along with my mother and my sisters telling me the same thing). For some people, exercise and day drinking is therapeutic.  To me, shopping is the same as exercise and drinking. I walk while I shop (while wrangling kids and carrying EVERYTHING) and I spend money on food, clothes, shoes, toys for the kids, Starbucks instead of alcohol (99% of the time) and make-up (which is really a public service and should be tax deductible).

     I know it sounds horrible, but when I swipe the plastic, all seems right with the world (until, of course, it comes time to pay the bill).

     Because, I am slightly competitive (but, mostly to prove my husband wrong), I have come up with the 70/15/15 budget plan for our family. 


Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 12.48.18 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 12.41.45 PM

     So, what makes me and so many others feel the need to spend unnecessary money? Speaking for myself, I notice I tend to spend more when I’m feeling down. Aaron and I could have gotten into an argument or I gained a pound or two, whatever the reason is, “new” equals happy in my book. Buying serves as a distraction from focusing on what I’m really feeling inside. I’ve come to realize that, when this happens, it’s usually disappointment that I am internalizing. By not spending money and sticking to this budget plan, it will in a way, force me to deal with my emotions head on.  Therapy is in session folks!

    F.Y.I. there are many resources for free budget printouts on Pinterest. Some of the printables I currently use are here and there. I’ll be updating this post with all my results, so stay tuned! But, if my husband leaves me, you will know that I accidentally wandered off our budget plan, went through spending withdrawal, and will most likely be residing at a live-in rehabilitation facility isolated in the California mountains somewhere.

     Good luck to you and your new budgeting venture!

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