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     Ok, so I need to hit the “reset” button on my diet and exercise regimen. I want nothing but CARBS and SUGAR!!!! My sugar dragon is nothing but sneaky, manipulative, and striving. He’s living the life of luxury that so many other sugar dragons can only dream of. I MUST KILL MY DRAGON (before it kills me)!

I started working out for the billionth time on Thursday (7/7/16). I walked two miles on the treadmill and rode three miles on the stationary bike in the morning at my 24Hour gym. Than, I decided to try crossfit in the afternoon.

 Here I am, two days later and I can hardly move! I am so sore. Sitting down is bad, but getting back up again is worse! Not to mention, I also got the stupid “I’m such a good mom” attitude on the way home from Crossfit, when I saw pony rides at my local farmer’s market that I decided to go home, pickup my kids and take them to this innocent enough “pony ride”. Well, let me just say that when your two year old daughter will not let you stand next to her, while she’s riding the pony “all by herself,” it is never a good idea to let up on the speed of your stride and fall behind more towards the flank of the pony. This creature had “little pony syndrome” and shot me a quick two jabs with his hind legs. IMG_2143It was like this pony and Adellyn were a team and the pony was telling me to cut the umbilical cord. They’re both cute, but looks are out to deceive you 99% of the time. Remember that cute boy in high school? He had a nice car, nice family, but was Forrest Gump stupid. Never the whole package. But, I have to say that my dear sweet Adellyn, will only decieve you 50% of the time, while she is awake anyways.

    Back to getting fit girl skinny. I’ll be staying with sister number two from Monday through Thursday this week. While the junk food loving husbands of ours will be out of sight, along with their potato chip crunching, ho-ho chewing, soda drinking habits.

Here’s what our daily diet will consist of:

Breakfast:Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 3.33.05 PM

Steel cut oats with cinnamon and honey

Egg whites with spinach and tomatoes



Smoothie (No Dairy)

Lunch:Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 3.36.55 PM

Sweet potato

Broccoli and/or cauliflower

Wild brown rice


Cucumber with lemon




Veggies with hummus

Dinner:Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 3.39.04 PM




Wild brown rice

-No fruit or sweet potato


Oxygen and good ol’ reliable H20

     After this “trial” period, we will start to include chicken and white meat fish. We’re going to workout as well. But, if’s too hard on our bodies while detoxing, we’ll stick to some light cardio. If this doesn’t kill my sugar dragon a.k.a cravings, I don’t know what will!




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