More Beauty Products

More Beauty Products

While Visiting my sister Amy, in Elk Grove, we visited the fine establishment known as Sephora to some and Heaven to me others. I’ve been searching the market for new foundation. I’ve been using Estee Lauder Double Wear (which I love), but after a month or two, my skin becomes immune to the flawless finish and begins to look caked. It could be the weather, hormones, or a combination of the two. Whatever the reason, the remedy breaks the bank (But, shopping retail counts as therapy. Which, if I were paying for legit shrink type therapy, I would be paying a lot more and a lot more often. Therefore, the husband, really can’t complain and should be thanking me for taking care of myself and spending less while doing so).

DSC_0120First Find: Tarte’s new line of water based foundation. All of Sephora’s make up artists were crowding around Tarte’s aisle. I stood there for five minutes and literally watched six make up artists lead the sheep to Tarte’s aisle of where dreams come true.

I took the bait. More like bought the bait. I am not a kleptomaniac…but, only because I cannot afford bail.

My findings four days later when I actually put my make-up on (it’s too expensive to wear while dropping your kid off at school or when you’re cleaning, working out, etc) were:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Natural finish
  3. Semi coverage, but feels like more of a tinted moisturizer. I could possibly add coverage with a setting powder or try mixing this product with Estee Lauder’s Double Wear?

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 4.36.21 PMNext Beauty Tool: Sephora’s brand of PRO make up brushes. I can honestly say, both brushes are AMAZING. All the brushes in this line come with a clear plastic case to keep them cleaner and also to help keep their form. The two brushes that made it past the process of elimination, were the #41 ($36)Domed Stippling Brush and #53XL Full Coverage Airbrush ($45). I couldn’t be happier!

Can we say, hooray for “Do The Hoola?” Using Hoola, the boxed powder, for more than a decade, I was so eager to try the liquid version via bronzed pump bottle. Why is it that Benefit Cosmetics entice me with their adorable (but, still mature) slogans, packaging, and marketing? Simply put, they back up their efforts with high quality products for affordable prices. So, needless to say, they help fill the void like only cosmetics can, without causing overdraft fees.

Moving on to the lip products, I cannot live without lip balm. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is another favorite of mine. This woman speaks to my soul! So now, with BB’s lip balm, I can mix pleasure with pleasure. It’s creamy and oh so dreamy!

Clinique’s Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in #44 Matte Suede is the perfect nude without all the shine or sticky residue. The matte finish is all the rage right now and I can understand why. I may switch over full-time! But then, what would I do with the suitcase full of my other, non matte, lip locking loves? Maybe Jaclyn Hill has reached this pinnacle in here life and knows what to do? I’ll have to email her or surf her youtube channel for all the answers,because I know she has them!

To conclude this review, “I believe that all women are pretty without makeup-But with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.”-Bobbi BrownDSC_0236



UPDATE: Sephora got me AGAIN! I returned to Sephora to return the Tarte Sea lion line of foundation I was gifted with this past weeken. That’s it, one simple return and I should have been out of there. But, I wasn’t. I stolled. I swatched. I fell in love. When will I learn? This Woman has an addiction .DSC_0228

This Woman NEEDS is obsessed with all things pretty, shiny, and new (espicially when they help me from looking like death with a hangover). I remind myself of the little green alien toys in the toy story movies. It’s the claw! This Woman cannot look away. I go towards that light,

EVERYTIME! DSC_0233My new mantra… “Stay away from the light,stay away from the light,stay away from the light (For a little while at least. But, I’m not making any promises)!”



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  • Kristi says:

    I always try to stick to my staples, but find myself getting sucked into buying more when I shouldn’t, then the constant exchanging. At least Sephora has a very liberal return policy and they’re really open to helping you find exactly what fits your needs.

  • thiswomanneeds says:

    Sephora date soon?

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